Paragraph On Good Manners & List Of Good Manners For Students

By | January 29, 2018

Man is a social animal, having good manners make them more successful. Even a person who has already succeeded in life but if he or she doesn’t carry good manners then it leads to the downfall of that person. The best time to teach good manners to students is childhood, at that time parents are the good teachers to teach their children about good manners in life. Once children join in school then it is the responsibility of both teachers and parents to teach good manners to the students. Here is a paragraph on good manners and list of good manners for students.

Paragraph On Good Manners & List Of Good Manners For Students:

Paragraph On Good Manners & List Of Good Manners For Students

Here is a small paragraph on good manners which you have to teach your children from their childhood.

Respecting Elders: Respecting elders is always important to grow in your life, so every student should learn to respect their elders, who may be parents, teachers and any other elder persons. If a person who doesn’t respect elders will not be blessed by the god.

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Saying Excuse Me: It is always advisable to say excuse me before taking a permission from someone. As a child, they have to make a habit of saying excuse me while taking permissions from the teachers and also while asking a question to someone else.

Be Polite: Some children are very aggressive in their nature if they keep the same nature even in their schools and society then they have to face so many problems. So it is important to learn how to stay polite and how to accept and reject some one’s orders with polite nature.

Don’t Make Comments On Others: As children, they don’t know how to behave with people, so whenever they meet a new person with any defect generally they make comments, it will definitely hurt the other person. So it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to tell the children to respect others.

Saying Thank You & Sorry: Every student should know when to tell thank you and when to tell sorry. They should make a habit of telling thank you whenever they get some help from others and at the same time whenever they hurt some one then they have to tell sorry.

Hope you understood the above paragraph on good manners & list of good manners for students.

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